You want the WAVE? You can’t handle the WAVE!


At the risk of repeating myself, I have to say that this year’s WAVE is much more demanding than last year’s. Perhaps it’s just the aftermath of the marathon we covered in the last two days but batteries are low – figuratively speaking.

Ejust a figure of speech, honest.

However, since we now completed those days with the long distance travel, things are ever so slightly more relaxed. Still, between our limited range and the need/wish for fast charging, we do end up having very long days.

Today, we visited several schools in the morning to present our cars. These still are amidst our favorite moments, showing our cars to the kids and perhaps giving them ideas… who knows what the future will bring.

futuramanot this, we hope.

Later, we visited a nuclear power plant and had an interesting insight into the oldest running nuclear reactor in the world – well, not an insight into the reactor but into its operation. (rimshot) We do have a very tight schedule these days, and we did manage to follow it minute by minute. So, no delays, Wattwurm was always on time. A-L-W-A-Y-S. (I just wanna make sure the jury sees this).


In the afternoon we presented our car in front of the railway station in Aarau, from which we moved on to Baden where ABB was hosting a mobility day. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to really enjoy that event since we had to attend the briefing which ended up lasting a bit longer than expected. We did however manage to reconnect with a few WAVE friends from 2014 who came all the way to Baden just to see us. Thank you!

Tomorrow, more schools. The challenging bit will be the fact that we will be driving into the mountains. So stay tuned, our adventures aren’t over just yet!



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