Everything is awesome!

Yes, we’ve been quiet lately. Much like anyone else living north of the 45th parallel, we’ve been lingering somewhere between hibernation and winter depression.

is it spring yet?

Lots of things have happened in terms of electric cars, mobility and energy since we’ve last chimed in on something… Amongst other things, Toyota presented the Miyagi; Chevrolet wants to upgrade the Volt and introduce the Bolt (also, their naming department seriously needs to hire a new intern); the Model S 85D and P85D were launched, and while people talk about Tesla software updates and easter eggs while going crazy about incredibly dramatic footage of a Model X test mule, Elon Musk wants to start selling batteries to power our homes.

Now obviously, we have opinions on these topics (mostly strong ones, to be honest). But since we live in a time where everyone has an opinion and can voice it instantly on the internet, we’d rather shut our mouth than flood your screens with things you just read elsewhere 15 minutes ago.

Quality Or Quantity Directions On A Signpostultimately, it’s your call though

So now you’re thinking… hibernation? really? well, no. We’ve had lots of winter fun. We did have the opportunity for a quick test drive in a Twingo Kamoo and a Renault Kangoo Z.E., but we’re still working on getting the cynical bits right before publishing that. Also, our fleet is currently undergoing dramatic changes – we’ll be posting mostly about our cars during the next few weeks.

420875_241306969293138_236019136488588_500578_1214402216_nit’ll be mostly new information though, promise

more importantly, David has teamed up with Karl of Team Lightning Rods and Stephan Schwarz, president of the Swiss Tesla Owners’ club, to go shopping for a bottle of Whisky. In Scotland. In three days.

P5hidden object game: find 750 kWh in this picture.

Just in case there are people left on the internet who don’t like our facebook page yet and therefore miss out on a chance to follow us daily, here’s a quick visual recapitulation.

mapin other words/numbers: 3480 km in 70 hours

You can find pictures taken on the run on said facebook page. But to sum things up, three days and two nights on the road for a bottle of booze. Once back home, I assume a shower was in order. And to be serious for a moment, this kind of adventure is so silly that it would have been totally awesome to be part of it. But… we all make our choices.

hqdefaultsome good, some bad

In other news, we’re delighted to announce that we will be participating in this year’s WAVE again in our Nissan LEAF. The challenge is even bigger this time, since the total distance to cover will be around 2500 km just for the rally itself. We are sure that it’ll be a fantastic adventure again and we promise to post updates on facebook and this blog just like we did last year. More nonsense coming your way!

MagrittePipeyou’ve been warned.

Now before this post gets completely out of hand, I’ll stop here, avoid adding more vague promises about future posts and admit that this is all I have to say for tonight. stay tuned! oh and also, there’s this:

brought to our attention by an unnamed source. you know who you are.

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