As a mechanical engineer, Alex works in research and spends most of his days trying to transfer the physicists’ ideas for experiments into real life – which, most of the time, means his answer is “oh no, sorry, we can’t do that”.

For Alex, the charm of going electric lies in the fact that you can be part of the future today. What’s in our present anyway? Faceless plastic vehicles, cheap and disposable. The alternative would be to look into the past, which Alex has been doing for twenty years now.

2014-11-23 21.47.46

Who sais past and future have to exclude each other?

If you have been here before, you might remember that there was a Renault Twizy in the stable. Well, things have been reorganized and Alex is now using a Renault Zoé as a daily driver. It does everything like it’s supposed to and is a joy to drive.

2015-05-31 10.56.40-1


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