We made it!

14Today was the second half of the most challenging bit of this year’s WAVE, which we completed successfully. As you can see above, with our last bit of energy, we arrived in Anwil a little before 10 pm. After covering almost 600km yesterday, we added another 500 today.

02972473-956b-4aaa-b5d1-39934f5481bc_570In case you’re wondering, this is how we feel.

We are completely dead and ready to fall asleep, so here’s just a small update.

16At our first stop in the morning in Darmstadt, we got a chance to ride a Segway on a little “Segcross” parcours. It was kinda neat, I was riding (driving? moving?) a Segway for the first time. I’m not sure whether I like it but its interaction with your own balance is certainly impressive. Of course I was not alone there.

1513In any event, it was loads of fun! At the risk of repeating myself, please note that we posted pictures of our progress on our facebook wall as we went along. There will be more again tomorrow so stay tuned!


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