We need tickets!

Yes, hello, we’re back from the dead. Why the silence, you ask? Well, we started a new project recently and have been investing a lot of time and effort, at the expense of the world’s most entertaining blog (i.e. this one). Why break the silence, you ask? Why of course, because there’s great news. We’re going west!


No, not that. Good thinking though

So, yes, crazy ideas are still around. After attending the WAVE in 2014 and 2015 and participating in the world’s first 12 hour endurance race for electric cars (where we failed miserably due to a strategic error in the last 30 minutes), we have decided to attend the Tesla Gigafactory grand opening in Nevada.


We suspect we might not be alone

There’s only one slight problem: we don’t have tickets for said grand opening. But Wattwurm wouldn’t be Wattwurm if that would stop us from doing silly things. Like, for instance, booking flights. Yes, that’s right, we’ve booked our flights already. Thanks to an elaborate scheme using 27 stops carried by nine different airlines (including Air Timbuktu), we’ve also managed to keep the ticket price down.


Last seats available!

Now. Back to the point: Gigafactory. problem. No tickets. Remember? Okay, so, what now? Well, this blog post is a shameless and desperate plea for your help. Yes, you!


We hope that there is someone out there who has tickets, but can’t attend. Maybe it’s your cat’s birthday. Maybe you don’t have any clean underwear left. Maybe they’re your ex-husband’s and you want to teach him a lesson. It’s OK, we don’t judge. Just tell us we can have your tickets and we’ll leave you alone and whatever problem/pet you are dealing with.


(mandatory cat picture)

Oh and by the way, we’ve already established earlier in this post that we’re cheap. Well, in case that you’d have not only a pair of tickets, but also a superfluous Tesla Model S that’s collecting dust in a corner, we’ll be most happy to give it a good run for its money (and do you a favor since we’ll help you avoid storage damage). We need emissions free means of transportation for the week after the opening and we are planning to cover roughly 1000 miles. Oh and yes, we’d also be happy with a Roadster, although last we heard that would mean we have to downsize in terms of luggage.


We’re even willing to share a toothbrush if necessary

So, to summarize, we are looking for:

  • definitely one or two tickets to the grand opening ceremony of the Tesla Gigafactory
  • perhaps a Tesla Model S we could use for a week

…wherein the tickets are the really important part. We can also crash your living room for a cigar and that 18 year old Scotch you’ve successfully been hiding from your friends but that part is entirely up to you.


We’ll even help turning the evening into a therapy session

What’s in it for you, you ask? Well. Aside from the fact you’re helping two nice, awesome (and slightly delusional) guys fulfil a crazy dream, you’ll be our personal hero for all eternity. We’ll even listen to any conditions you might add to the deal since there’s always two ends to a stick and you shouldn’t end up with the short one.


experts confirm there’s two ends to a stick.

David drives a Model S 85D and we each hold a Model 3 reservation. If the fact that we’re bold and tasteless doesn’t stop you from trusting us, please get in touch with us to dump your tickets on us and/or hand over the keys to your car. We’ll be happy to help.

 Image credits: all images link to their respective sources.


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