David and Alex met in college and have been friends ever since. As engineers, both are interested in new technologies and alternative ideas; thinking outside the box is part of their job. So why not go electric just for the fun of it?

As for our team and blog name, we did explain its meaning a while ago, and even went into great details regarding our mascot’s personal life.



James “Wattwurm” the Logworm

Perhaps you’ve been here before in the past an know that we participated in last year’s WAVE. Well we didn’t quite get enough of it and are going back for a second time this year. We will be keeping the same routine, posting pictures on our facebook wall on the run and posting a daily summary every evening.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our nonsense as much as we enjoy writing it! If you like our blog, make sure you follow us here on WordPress and/or like us on facebook.


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