Scenic, isn’t it?

Today was kind of special since we had a long drive ahead of us. Half of our group (the fast cars) is trying to cover the distance Berlin-Berne in 30 hours (Monday morning to Tuesday afternoon). The other half, the slow cars (like us), left Berlin on Sunday evening and will go as far as Lörrach until Tuesday evening.

tortoisebeatshareNo, it’s not what you think.

Note that in this case, “slow” and “fast” refer to the charging speed of your battery, not velocity.

We started the day with a short walk through Magdeburg from our hotel to the place where we parked the car – the hotel was near the fire station, which caught our attention.


The first surprise we had was to find out that people were sleeping in or next to their vehicles. Some teams left Berlin rather late and arrived in the middle of the night. No bed? Who cares! Let’s just sleep where we are, as we are. Someone mentioned that this year’s WAVE was kind of an ironman WAVE and we have come to the point where I can do nothing but agree with that statement. That said, it would seem that I live a very protected life.


Today’s task was to cover 400 km with stops in Wernigerode, Eschwege, Rosenthal and Wetzlar. Aside from the fact that sadly, CHAdeMO chargers are few and apart in Germany, there still were the Harz mountains in the way.


Of course we used our best strategy, which includes “what goes up, must come down”.


As you can see, we were really lucky with the weather. Just like last year, the ‘avoid motorways’ function of our Sat Nav system naturally picked some of the most beautiful and scenic drives, a thing we really enjoyed. We ended up on top of a mountain we forgot to look up the name of and enjoyed the scenery.


Today’s various stops have been well documented on our facebook wall and I will freely admit that I am extremely tired and should probably go to sleep like ten minutes ago. Therefore, I’ll close here with a sunset. You’re welcome.



2 thoughts on “Scenic, isn’t it?

  1. Ich stand heute in Darmstadt an der Ampel hinter euch (mit dem Fahrrad) und wollte dann doch mal rausfinden, was Wattwürmer mit der Schweiz zu tun haben 😉
    Coole Sache, viel Erfolg euch noch und gute Reise!

    • Hallo Florence, vielen Dank für Deinen netten Kommentar und die guten Wünsche! Es freut uns, nun auch in Darmstadt einen Fan gewonnen zu haben. Jetzt sind es insgesamt schon drei.
      Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz sendet Dir Team Wattwurm!

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