You have certainly been wondering why our blog remained silent the last two days, and rightly so. Hopefully you managed to follow our progress on facebook and got notice that basically everyone is now in town and the party can start.

Ferris_Buellers_Day_Off_353and when we say party, we mean it.

We have, however, been using the last three days wisely, mainly by taking it easy and being lazy (our core talents). Our trip from Switzerland to Plauen was uneventful in the sense that it came out as expected: we’d have been much faster if we hadn’t repeatedly run into broken chargers and be forced to fix them ourselves. Add to the fact that CHAdeMO fast chargers are rather scarce in this part of Europe and bada-bing, you get stranded for a few hours. Been there done that…

But in the end we made it to Plauen safely and are currently staying in the Schloss-Hotel Jössnitz. We had all morning off on Friday and decided we should clean and decorate the car.


A thorough cleaning and polish helped upgrade the outer appearance; we did find some blue paint under a thick layer of – well, you don’t wanna know. In any event, with the car now shiny we proceeded to apply the various stickers we brought with us. Our car now proudly sports our team name and mascot on basically every flat panel, plus a few stickers of our new sponsor chargeMAXX. We’ll blow a cloud of artificial smoke around that one and will reveal later what the full context is.

At this point I assume you didn’t buy the “cleaned and polished” story but we have actual proof of our activities; note how efficient we were, given we finished the whole job in 23 seconds – including the application of all stickers.

I bet you found that fantasmagorically annoying…anyway, here’s the result.


As you can see, we didn’t forget to bring our flags along again – we actually managed to bring along almost everything we intended to; a sure sign that we are getting old I guess.

That said, I hope you like our new look! We are looking forward to tomorrow, we’ll be visiting Zwickau, Chemnitz and Leipzig. The biggest, albeit also probably shortest event of the day will be a lap on the Sachsenring, something we have been looking forward to so much that we recently bought an X-Box and a Wii only to find out that none of the two carry games that contain that particular track. Live and learn I guess…

Tomorrow is the official start of the race which means we have a plan and will be moving; therefore, there’s hope that tomorrow’s post will be a tad more colorful and dramatic than this one, so make sure you come back and check it out!




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