After a wonderful night in Goms and perfect weather in the morning, we assembled all cars for a little parade down the Rhone valley. After a coffee stop we continued to Sion where we assembled on a big parking lot for display, lunch and a bit of fun – screeching tires and drag racing included. Then, everyone headed off towards their next destination, which in our case was Broc. Now we did not really pay much attention to the topography and just tried to decide between “fastest route”, “shortest route” and “avoid motorways” in our TomTom settings. In the end we settled for the latter and happily moved on. As it turns out, there was another mountain pass involved, the Col des Mosses, topping out at 1445m or 4700ft.


It should be common knowledge by now that driving uphill economically is not one of our greatest talents, and fun prevailed. Same procedure as always… Burn all available battery power going up, recharge going down. We made it without trouble to the hydroelectric power station in Broc, where we also got a tour. Of course, charging the cars was involved.


As you can see, we also got a chance to shoot a few pics inside the power plant. Later on, we took the back roads to Murten where we paraded through the old town before having lunch a short walk away on the countryside.


It’s been a week now and the WAVE 2014 is already coming to an end. Unbelievable! Not only did time just fly, it feels more like a month than a week after all we have seen and done. Tomorrow’s events will be reported exclusively on our facebook wall, where you’ll also find more pictures of today as always. We’ll write a few more thoughts and conclusions about the past week here later on.

In the meantime, here’s today’s bonus picture: David trying out the Johammer motorcycle.



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