Here’s why mountains are awesome


You know you’ve done lots of things in one day when you need the roadbook to remember where you’ve actually been and when. I keep saying our days are loaded with activity but today really topped it off. Given that yesterday was mostly spent sitting in our car on a parking lot in the rain, it wasn’t very hard to make today a better day. Little did we know how great it would be.


Our first stop from Einsiedeln was Schwyz. Before though, all cars had to visit local schools, some here, some there. Our destination was a school event in Steinen; we had kids left and right for the last mile greeting and cheering, and we were only missing the ticker tape to feel like astronauts. After presenting our car, where we pointed out its most important feature (you can lose pretty much any car at a red light), we parked on the town square.


A cup of coffee later, we went on to another school in Brunnen, where we had to drive through an alley of kids and present our car again at the end. We don’t know what the record is for high-fiving a maximum amount of people in a minute but we think we broke it. Beyond being fun, making those kids smile and see their enthousiasm was truly uplifting and downright awesome.


From there, we headed south towards the Gotthard pass to stop in Göschenen for lunch (and yes, as you know by now, a charge) only to move on to Andermatt afterwards. We had a total of almost 2000m or 6500ft of elevation to cover and we were wondering what that would mean regarding power usage. We wanted to make sure that we’d not get stranded again and took the back roads to keep it slow. In the end, after re-charging in Andermatt we had around 80% charge to go so we did well.


Some of you might know that the last bit of the Furka is steep and winding and we couldn’t help but go for it again. I’ll just say that we burned 60% of battery capacity over just 12km.


we were mostly held up by Tesla drivers.

We stopped at the top just long enough to take pictures proving we were there and moved on. The good part about electric cars is that not only is going down free, you also get part of your energy back. So by the time we reached the airstrip in Goms, our next destination, the car was more confident again about making statements regarding remaining battery range.


On the airstrip, we attended various challenges, the most entertaining being an autocross parcours on the runway. Since we were both sitting in the car and focusing on the challenges we completely forgot to take pictures – but today’s report by Tele 1 has footage of the event so you’ll get an idea what it was about. As always, dinner was excellent and we’re now ready to crash. We look forward to tomorrow’s events.




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