Having fun…


Today was a fun day for us. We left the horse ranch in the fog and had breakfast at a power plant. Later we moved on to Neudorf, where we got an escorted tour of the city centre. Two classic firetrucks were used as pace cars.


One was the truck pictured above, a 1956 Magirus TLF 16 with crew cab. Our parade leader however was a 1951 Deutz DL22; the picture below was taken “in action”.


Thanks to lights and siren, we got to run several red lights and pretty much brought traffic to a complete stop in town. Afterwards we gathered all cars at the local power station where an exhibition about energy was taking place, so we got to present our cars again and do some smalltalk with the locals.

Dinner was served in Pfaffenhofen – yet another popular event with a big crowd. We could really get used to getting so much attention.

You will find pictures of our progress and the different events on our public facebook wall. There’s also a picture of the crew of firemen who showed us around town and a link to the most recent Tele 1 broadcast since they are reporting daily from the Wave event.

The best part of the day was still ahead of us, though. We had been charging whenever we had a chance. In the end, we had lots of battery power left for just a couple dozen miles. So, what do you do in that situation? Yes, of course. The only sensible thing to do is to max the car out; after all, this is Germany. That is why we can report that the Leaf topped out at 160 kph which corresponds to a true 150 according to Mr. TomTom. We think that’s not too bad for such a little car and would like to add that we were impressed with how quiet and stable the car was even at maximum speed. And yes, we successfully fried about 80km of battery range within just a few dozen km of Autobahn. Please note that we are still grinning as I type this.


Finally, let me add that even if you’re not interested in what we reported above, you absolutely have to click on this link, since it shows the apogee of today’s events.


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