We’re on TV!

Today was the first official day of the tour and it was packed with activities. All participants gathered at the Mercedes-Benz Museum along with dozens and dozens of other electric cars – since we were going to attempt beating the current world record for the longest electric car parade, which was 305 cars and vehicles. Long story short, we succeeded and lined up no less than 507 cars and vehicles. We also managed to create this picture which includes everyone involved. If you want to try and spot our car, look out for the Swiss flag in the “A” of Stuttgart.

There’s also a TV report on Swiss regional Tele 1 that shows the most important bits of today. Again, look out for the blue car with the large Swiss flag on the roof, that would be us – it shows up several times. The real milestone though is this report where we have a prime moment, lasting exactly 0.8 seconds right at the beginning of the report; so we’re famous now.

In any event, later on we left for Heilbronn where we presented our cars on the Rathaus square – we got lots of interest and answered many questions about charging, range and batteries.


From there, we moved on to Wolpertshausen for dinner and will now spend the night on a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere. This will also be our excuse for not posting too many pictures today because we are having a hard time getting a data connection at all here. We’ll see how cell coverage will be in the next few days…

Nevertheless I can’t resist and post this picture of a 220b spotted in the midst of  Stuttgart traffic. I know some of you will enjoy this… you know who you are.



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