So you thought this blog is dead.

Right. WAVE over, everybody home, that’ll wrap things up. Everybody disappears, never to be heard of again. Right?

Well, no. Not only will we present a bit of aftermath right here, we have also decided to keep James the Wattwurm and his blog alive and keep posting about his adventures. There is a good chance he might attend other events in the near future, as well as the possibility of showing up at the WAVE 2015 as well. Occasionally we’ll also weave in an opinion, and you might already have noticed that it might not always be conformist. In any event, we’ll try to keep it interesting so stay tuned.


That said, we’re happy to report that our blue Nissan Leaf made it safely home. In just over a week, it has covered a total of 2116 km door-to-door (even though paradoxally, we are talking about the same door). We still maintain that this car means loads of fun and always asks to be floored, a request we happily fulfil anytime we get a chance.


We have a mix of belated photos and controversial footage to share. First off, we’d like to post pictures of our trophys to prove that we actually got them. We still haven’t figured out how we ended up second in our class but there you have it.

Foto 2Foto 3

Then, we have this video which was leaked to us by an unnamed source; it shows someone of Team SparkZ playing the Alphorn. We think it’s an outstanding performance and that she should take up Yodeling next.


Team Wattwurm dashing up the Furka

Also, the official WAVE photos are now online. We grabbed the picture above and the following two below from the flickr page, all of them are taken by the official WAVE photographer Nina Holler.


High-fiving school kids in Brunnen


parading through the old town of Murten

Finally, we would like to add an honorary mention for Mr. Powerman Urs Rüegger; he participated with his e-Bike! Even though it has a 1500 Watts motor and he’s a pro, we admire his performance and endurance. He was usually the last to arrive when everybody else was already going to bed and had to leave before everyone else in the morning, only to be passed by our cars while pushing his bike uphill. Again, picture credit: Nina Holler.


Respect, man!

Well, that’s all for today. As threatened above, we’ll keep posting regularly here and we’ll use the stats to see how many people unlike our page over time as a consequence.


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