Boys will be boys


We started our day with a mix of good and bad. We had a full battery, that was good… We were late, and that was bad. Now we could blame it on traffic and roadwork but the truth is, we simply messed up times and distances and left 15 minutes late.
That, however, was a good excuse to drop the “Eco” mode and pretend that we have to make up for lost time. Our route took us over the highest german mountain pass, the Riedbergpass. David used the full power of our car and once again, thanks to the winding roads we had big grins on our faces.


We did indeed arrive late at our first stop, a school in Wolfurt, much to the amusement of a few competing teams. You have to know that there’s a point system which will eventually result in a ranking at the end of the rally, and being late will result in a penalty. Luckily, we think that nobody from the jury noticed our late arrival and honestly hope they don’t read our blog. The students on the other hand didn’t really bother and happily judged our cars’ appearance, which was the point of this stop.
From there, we dashed to Bregenz where we had a short stop at the Seebuehne to take a few pictures.

The next segment was a drive to Friedrichshafen, including a wrong turn and more roadwork (don’t ask). This stop was inside the Zeppelin hangar at the airfield, where we had lunch and charged our cars.


For the afternoon, a ride over lake Constance was planned so we moved on to Meersburg and boarded the ferry to… yes, Constance, where we lined up our cars on the waterfront in the midst of pedestrians and cyclists. We got a huge amount of attention again and think that this was one of the more successful locations.


To close the day, we had dinner at Mainau island. We made it back to the car just in time before heavy rainfall set in and found our hotel without trouble.


I would like to add a generic comment here that red lights and other teams occasionally led to more grinning and smug faces. Also, this isn’t over. You know who you are.

Remember that we post some of our pictures on our facebook wall and not here, so you’ll find more pictures of today’s events there.


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