On the move

We had a leisurely start today. After picking up Erich of Team Lightning Rods on the way, we moved on to Dachsen where we met Team Roadrunner, Max and Simon. We used a local charging Station to power up.



Toys for the boys

While the cars were charging, we had a great time chatting and kicking tyres. But things got wild when Erich pulled out his latest toy: an RC drone with a camera. That pretty much made our day…


We successfully annoyed the locals by flying around over their houses and took minutes if not hours of spectacularly boring video footage. Still, we couldn’t restist and posted a twenty second video clip here on YouTube. Note that it might not show properly in IE – in that case please use a different browser and complain directly to Bill Gates.

There’s not much to report about the rest of the day… an uneventful drive through the rain, we’re now spending the night in some kind of cabin up in the woods. Tomorrow should be more exciting since we’ll meet more teams along the way, and all 78 teams will be on site at Bietigheim tomorrow evening for the official briefing – the tour starts on Saturday morning at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, so stay tuned.

I keep saying this, but make sure you check our facebook wall on a regular basis since we’ll be posting pics and comments on the run as we progress.


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